Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
Blue Day U-32 Students
12:00 am
7:30 am
8:00 am  
8:15 am
8th grade play rehearsal Auditorium Class of 2023
FTis: ASVAB Rm 131 Student Services
8:30 am  
9:00 am
EMES Ski Nordic Ski Trails Community
9:30 am
12:00 pm
12:30 pm  
12:45 pm
8th Grade Play Call Back Auditorium Students
Class of 2023
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
2:00 pm  
2:15 pm
HS NSK Practice Nordic Ski Trails MS Nordic Ski
HS Nordic Ski
Insights Into Conflict Rm 128/131 Combo Student Services
2:30 pm  
2:45 pm
Stage 16 - Tech Week Auditorium Stage-16
3:00 pm
V GB Practice Gym A (Old) Varsity Girls Basketball
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
4:30 pm
JV BB-B Practice Gym B (New) JV BB - Blue Basketball
JV GB Practice Gym A (Old) JV GB - White Basketball
5:00 pm
BIHO vs Burr & Burton Central Vermont Memorial Civic Center Varsity Boys Ice Hockey
FTC U32 Robotics Tech Ed Classroom
Tech Ed Lab
Tech Ed Shop
Robotics Club
5:15 pm
MS 8GB vs Barre City Gym A (Old) 8th Grade Girls Basketball - A
5:30 pm
ASK Practice Fitness/Weight Room Alpine Ski
GIHO @ Spaulding BOR (Barre Ice Rink) Varsity Girls Ice Hockey
JV BB @ Harwood Harwood Union High School JV BB - White Basketball
6:00 pm
ASK Practice Gym B (New) Alpine Ski
6:15 pm
MS 7BB (G + W) vs Barre City Gym A (Old) 7th Grade Boys Basketball - A
6:30 pm  
7:00 pm
V BB @ Harwood Harwood Union High School Varsity Boys Basketball
7:15 pm
MS 8BB vs Barre City Gym A (Old) 8th Grade Boys Basketball - A
7:30 pm  
8:00 pm
ASVAB Rm 131 Students
8:30 pm
11:30 pm