Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
7:30 am
8:00 am
WCRPIS Meeting-Cooke Library Classroom Faculty/Staff
8:30 am
FT: All State Music Festival Spaulding High School Music Department
Music Students
9:00 am
10:30 am
11:00 am
Meeting-Boyd Rm 128 Special Education
11:30 am  
12:00 pm
VT Army Nat'l Guard Visit Atrium U-32
12:06 pm
Middle School Acting (Class 7) Auditorium Middle School
12:30 pm  
1:00 pm  
1:05 pm
9th grade Seminar Rm 131 Student Services
1:10 pm
Theater Department Callback Auditorium Students
1:30 pm  
1:50 pm
Meeting-Gadapee Rm 131 Students
Middle School Acting (Class 8) Auditorium Middle School
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
Boys Tennis Practice Tennis Courts Varsity Boys Tennis
MS Baseball Practice Lower Field Hockey Field MS Baseball
MS Boys Lacrosse Practice Upper Field /Football/Lacrosse MS Boys Lacrosse
MS Girls Lacrosse Practice Upper Field/Soccer/Lacrosse MS Girls Lacrosse
MS Softball Practice Side Field near Softball MS Softball
Meeting-Perry Rm 15 Special Education
Middle School Theater Tech Auditorium Stage-32
3:30 pm  
3:45 pm
MS Track @ North Country Meet North Country Union High School MS Track and Field
4:00 pm  
4:30 pm
Girls Tennis Practice Tennis Courts Varsity Girls Tennis
Montpelier Track and Field Practice All-Weather Track Montpelier
Varsity Baseball vs. Lake Region Baseball Field Varsity Baseball
Varsity Girls Lacrosse vs. Rice Girls Lacrosse Field Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Varsity Softball vs. Lake Region Softball Field Varsity Softball
5:00 pm  
5:30 pm  
5:45 pm
JV Girls Lacrosse vs. Rice Girls Lacrosse Field JV Girls Lacrosse
6:00 pm
6:30 pm
7:00 pm
7:30 pm
Blue Raiders Gym B (New) Community
8:00 pm
11:30 pm